Unified Communications

CFSI has pioneered IT services in D.C for 20 years, consistently delivering business value with the latest technology.

Our goal is to help customers develop a unified communications strategy that meets their planning, budgeting, and implementation requirements. As a proven systems integrator, CFSI can help you develop requirements, define scope, design, test, and ultimately deploy a fully integrated unified communications solution for your enterprise.

Here at CFSI we assist customers in identifying unified communication requirements such as voice over IPv6, variable length dial-plans, audio and video conferencing, web collaboration, instant messaging, presence, and existing system integration needs. Working closely with you to develop, analyze, and maintain a comprehensive set of requirements is an essential element in building your unified communication solution architecture.
Many unified communication solutions are available from a wide variety of vendors including an array of inter-vendor integration options. This can be a difficult and confusing landscape for any organization to mine through. CFSI is here to help, our unified communication integrators use their experience and knowledge to identify a solution that works for your requirements. We have built relationships with the leading vendors in the unified communications industry and can work with you to scope, design, and deploy the best system for your needs.

Unified Communications Overview

Unified communications tools enable two or more users to collaborate with each other, with teammates, and with customers in today’s complex environments without the very significant extra costs and downtime associated with traveling to and meeting in the same place. In short, they enable employees and business operations to be more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective while operating in any location. Some of the basic features of unified communications include

  • Presence
  • IP Telephony
  • Instant Messaging
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Web Collaboration

This function enables end users to tell the system that they are available to communicate or that they are busy and do not wish to be disturbed. Presence applications can be integrated with your IP telephony system and messaging/calendar systems to assist you with your availability options such as “on the phone,” “in a meeting,” or “away”… making real-time interaction more efficient and your staff more productive.

IP Telephony
IP telephony is an integral part of unified communications. This technology includes the encoding and decoding of voice applications on a packet switched network. Combining your voice and data networks lowers cost of voice services, reduces administration and management, increases communication capabilities and makes your staff more productive. CFSI can assist you with defining and tracking your Return on Investment.

Instant Messaging
Your instant messaging application can be integrated with your IP telephony system to provide you with a variety of communication features and functionality. Escalate a chat session to a phone call, to a video call or even a multi-site multi-party conference call. A fully integrated unified communications solution can make you and your teams communicate more efficiently.

Audio and Video Conferencing
An integrated audio and video conferencing solution can increase productivity, reduce travel costs, and provide a wide range of communication options. A variety of deployment options are available today from cloud-based solutions like UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), Managed Private Clouds, to On-Premises solutions. CFSI can help you identify solutions that meet your business needs