Telecommunication Infrastructure Installation/Modernization

Leading provider of Telecommunication Infrastructure Installation/Modernization, Enterprise Information Technology and Infrastructure services, Network/Systems Engineering and Administration, Enterprise Wide Information Technology Support Services, Project Planning/Management and Design Services Information Technology disciplines, including:

  •  Telecommunication Infrastructure Installation/Modernization
  •  Project Management / Project Planning & Engineering
  •  Copper/Fiber Cabling Infrastructure for ISP
  •  Copper/Fiber Cabling Infrastructure for OSP
  •  Access Control and CCTV Systems for ISP and OSP
  •  VOIP Security Solutions, VTC, Wireless Technology
  •  Data Center Infrastructure/Audio Video/Wireless Networks
  •  Security Systems

Project Management 
• Construction permits and ordinance approvals
• Hands-on execution of approved construction plans
• Skilled management team and field managers
• Experienced on-site leaders
• Incremental and final documentation
• Asset management and cost accounting
• CAD Services

Copper/Fiber Cabling Infrastructure for ISP
• Turnkey installation services capability, including manpower and equipment
• Complete installation expertise in Fiber Optics SM and MM, CAT3, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6E infrastructure cabling and terminations
• Design and Engineering for campus-wide LAN Installations
• CAD Services

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Security Solutions 
• IP Presence
• IP Telephony
• Instant Messaging
• Audio Conferencing
• Video Conferencing, Web Collaboration

Security Systems
• Turnkey Design and Installation
• Camera Installation (Inside and Outside)
• UPS Installation for DVR
• Dedicated Power Service
• Access Control and Door Hardware for Security
• Monitoring Walls for Cameras and Access Controls System
• Card Readers

Project Planning & Engineering
• Detailed scope of work
• Project budget projections and analysis
• Timeline development through commissioning
• Coordination planning among participants & vendors
• Site surveys
• Complete engineering network design services
• Material and equipment specifications
• System integration planning

Copper/Fiber OSP Construction
• Turnkey Construction Service for OSP
• Complete OSP Engineering and Design
• Copper and Fiber Splicing
• Directional Boring, Trenching, and Plowing
• Placement of Manholes, Hand Holes and Conduit Systems
• Placement of Fiber Optic Cable (Blowing and Pulling)
• GPS Data Point Locate

Data Center Construction 
• Turnkey Design and Installation
• Air Condition Unit Installation
• UPS Installation
• Dedicated Power Service
• Raised Floor Install
• Monitoring of Critical Application (ACU, UPS, and Environmental)
• Demo Work for (Data Centers, MDF Closets, and IDF Closets)
• Build Out for Walls (Glass, Sheetrock and Block) in Data Centers MDF Closets and IDF Closets

Wireless Network 
• Wireless Network Design
• Wireless Security Design
• Mapping AP’s and Heat Mapping
• Wireless Network Engineering
• Wireless Cabling Infrastructure
• Complete Testing of Wireless Network